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(((SIGMusic))) new computer

$750 hardly provides the money for a decent protools setup...i know they sell 
the Mbox for about $400-$500 but thats most of our budget right there.
the echo mia may be adequate enough to transfer over...personally i'd like a 
card like the midiman delta 1010 but the mia is supposed to have good quality 
recording...which brings me to my next point....we need a new mixer! the 
current mackie thats sitting in my room has really mediocre audio quality, not 
to mention a bunch of unreliable connectors.

I agree we might as well go mac, but since pro tools is probably out of the 
question, i'd recommend trying to "borrow" a copy of cubase or logic, since 
these dont need special hardware to function (like protools).

combine those with the echo mia and a decent midi interface (i've had good 
luck with midiman products), and a new mixer with a cleaner signal, and we're 
in good shape.

~Dave J

And now, for some shameless plugging: