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(((SIGMusic))) ****eCafe 2003****

Please email sigmusic@xxxxxxxx with the Subject: "eCafe" if you are interested in participating in this semester's Electronic Cafe performance at the Illini Union Courtyard Cafe. Please remember that last semester's performance was a great turnout and with added advertisements for this semester, it should be even better.
Here is the info you should provide in the email:
# of pieces:
Piece title(s):
Piece duration:
Need extra instrumentalists?:
Any other equip. needed?:
I am posting to the list since it is hard to find a good time for everyone to meet.
We will determine if there is an eCafe for this semester after this week. Therefore, you have this week to post your interest for eCafe. Posting time will end Friday and decision will be made Saturday.
Best Regards,
Alexander Nam
ACM SIGMusic Chair