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(((SIGMusic))) Band Jam '03

Star Course's Band Jam '03 taking place on Friday, April 26th.
Band Jam is a local music festival taking place on South Quad.
Bands scheduled to perform are Temple of Low Men, Roscoe Plush, Drawing a
Blank, Solo Mono, Missing The Point, Sincerely Calvin, The Dynamo Theorem,
Soulstice, Lorenzo Goetz, and Illini Contraband.  If you have any questions
please call the Star Course office at 333-0457.
Star Course wanted to know if SIGMusic would like to set up a table/booth at the event to publicize our organization. If you are interested in helping out with this great opportunity, please email sigmusic@xxxxxxxx ASAP or Sunday, April 12, 2003, at the LATEST.
Best Regards,
Alexander Nam
ACM SIGMusic Chair