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(((SIGMusic))) Sounds and Visions Meeting tonight


We're having another meeting tonight (Monday) at 6:00.
We'll meet at the ACM office in DCL and move from
there. Thw final S&V presentation is scheduled for
April 25 and 26, so we're fast approaching the
deadlines. Today's agenda:

1.) Progress updates: Collaboration piece, Magrathea,
2.) Live action intro: We've discussed a "Jurassic
Park" intro instead, and we'll probably talk about it
in detail after the meeting.
3.) Advertising: Still shots for posters, chalking,
4.) Sheduling: Deadline for pieces, trial runs
5.) Administrative: Room reservation, equipment check,
pizza?, show times, etc

For those interested, I've gotten my piece finished
for the most part. It's up at
http://www.ks.uiuc.edu/~mbach/sandv/ .
Follow the "Obsidian Fox" link. It's about a minute
and a half long. Still shots for posters can also be
gotten from the "Storyboard" links.

Hope to see you at the meeting tonight.


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