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(((SIGMusic))) Sound and Visions: Postponed

Hi, again.

Well, due to scheduling and timing problems, we've
decided to postpone the Sounds & Visions shows one
week. They will now be May 2 and 3, at 7:00. This
gives you one more week to finish up your pieces.
There will be a trial run on Thursday, May 1.

Some of us will meet this Wednesday, Apr. 23, at 6:00
in the ACM office to discuss the live action
introduction, a Jurassic Park parody. We'll hammer out
a script, and find a schedule to film, over the
weekend. Anyone interested is encouraged to attend.

We also need still pictures for posters and fliers.
Send images or URL's to Don (daschmid@xxxxxxxxxxx).

Keep up the good work and use this extra time wisely!


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