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(((SIGMusic))) Filming Monday


We'll be doing some more filming for the S&V intro
piece on Monday, after the ACM Exec meeting, (around
6:30). If people can attend at the beginning, we could
very briefly go over the status of pieces before we
start filming. (And we could use more people's help if
you can stay.) If  necessary, we can reschedule
another meeting Wednesday.
Also, you can post to the mailing list for questions,
comments & updates. A few things I'd like to go over:

1. Status of Projects
2. Advertising
3. Schedule

Right now, the schedule is:

Monday: 6:00: DCL: Quick meeting and long filming
Wednesday: 6:00: 1225 DCL: Another meeting, if
Thursday: 6:00: 1320 DCL: Trial Run of S&V. Pieces
should be DONE by then!!!
Friday: 6:00: 1320 DCL: Set up for S&V
Friday: 7:00: 1320 DCL: S&V Show!!! (Pieces REALLY
need to be done by then!)

Right after the show on Friday is the ACM Movie Night.
We expect a larger turnout, so we may just do the
Friday showing. Also, there will be pizza after S&V,
before the Movie night.


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