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(((SIGMusic))) S&V: Approaching fast...

Hi, again,

I was thinking of having another meeting Wednesday,
but I figured I'd rather have everyone use the time to
finish up their projects. Keep us all posted on your

Remember the runthrough is Thursday after the General
Meeting! (I think the General meeting will be at 6, so
we'll try to start around 7-7:30). The final show is
on Friday, at 7:00; we'll start setting up around
6:00. I believe that since this is right before the
movie night, we're expecting a larger crowd, so we
won't have another show Saturday. (Correct me if I'm
wrong, Don) 

We still need some posters, and some announcements to
various uiuc newsgroups, etc.

Special thanks to everyone who helped make the movie!


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