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[SIGMusic] Sounds & Visions info session


My name is Michael Bach, and I'll be helping to
coordinate this years "Sounds and Visions"
presentation. In the past, "Sounds and Visions" was a
show put on by SIGGraph and SIGMusic showcasing the
talents of both groups, where SIGGraph created short
animated pieces and SIGMusic provided the music for
them (or vice-versa). Last year, it never really got
started, and the year before a different venue was
attempted, where we wanted to create a live-action
movie and add many computer special effects, but it
never was completed. This year, I'd like to go back to
the traditional format of animated shorts with music.

I'd like to get started by holding an informational
meeting next Wednesday at 8:00, after the SIGGraph
meeting, with the place to be determined. We can find
out who is interested in working on it, what types of
animation and music styles people are interested in,
and possibly start some collaboration. If you have
samples of your music and animation, please bring them
and we'll hopefully have the facilities to show them. 

Also, in the past, it had become a tradition to start
the show with a live-action video that was a spoof of
a popular movie. (Past years included "Blair Witch",
"Fight Club", and "Jurassic Park") 

Thanks, and I hope to see you Wednesday,
Michael Bach

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