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[SIGMusic] Sounds and Visions: Meeting Wednesday, Mailing list


Sorry about not getting the message about last week's
meeting out in time. I'd like to have another meeting
this week, Wednesday Nov 9, at 8:00 in 220 Siebel.

Chris Clausen has created a new Sounds and Visions
mailing list for everyone interested. It is
sv-l@xxxxxxxxxxxx , and you can sign up for it at:

Some things we'll discuss at the meeting:

- Updates on what people are working on or would like
to work on

- The live action movie. We've discussed some sort of
'rebirth' as a theme, since we're bringing it back
after two years. Some ideas include parodying
"Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines",
"Alien:Resurrection", "Return of the King", among
others.  We can discuss this and at least come up with
a definite theme at the meeting.

Michael Bach

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