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[SIGMusic] Sounds and Visions Meeting Thursday


I'm sending this announcment out to the SigGraph and
SigMusic mailing lists in case there are some new
people who are interested in participating in Sounds
and Visions. "Sounds and Visions" is a collaboration
between SigGraph and SigMusic to showcase their work
in short computer animated and scored pieces. We also
plan on doing a live-action introduction piece; and
"Indiana Jones" parody. No previous experience is
necessary to participate. Previous Sounds and Visions
pieces can be found on the SigGraph web site at: 


There's another Sounds and Visions meeting tomorrow,
(Thursday) at 6:00. We'll meet in the ACM office and
go to an available lab from there. If you are
interested in working on a piece for the show, please
attend, since I'd like to start teaming up SigGraph
and SigMusic people, so they can start working
together. If you can't come to the meeting, please
send email to the list saying what you're interested
in. Even if you don't know exactly what you're doing
yet, but are still interested, please let us know.


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