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[SIGMusic] few things of note

Jacob has been working on an alsa interface for our project,
and it relies on the alsa development headers, which are not
on the csil machines, so we are going to have to start testing
on other machines soon. Are there any suggestions for the best
way to do this?
Also, for those of you who were not there on sunday, we have
decided against using one of ACM's machines, and will be using
some of our own. 
ACM will be providing some..umm..thing the night before EOH.
I'm not exactly sure as to what it is (probably pizza and
soda), but its whatever they usually do. That night is also
the 241 exam during our usual meeting time. 

We can discuss this all more during our meeting tomorrow, but
I wanted to put this out there for people to think about.