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[SIGMusic] Fwd: [sv-l] Sounds and Visions: Meeting minutes (3/16/2006)

You guys should get on this mailing list...

If you have some time, start thinking about how we can write
some of these themes. Also, think about some basic changes you
would like to make to the system. We can discuss them after
break. If you are feeling particularly bold, go ahead and get
started on any changes you like.
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Some notes from our last Sounds and Visions meeting:

Presentation Date: 
Saturday, May 6. This may be close to finals, but we
can promote it as a study break. The deadline for
submitting pieces will be Saturday, April 29 (One week

Pieces in the works:

1.) Intro: Illinois Jones
2.) "Funky Kong": Michael Bach, needs music ("Super
Nintendo with a reggae beat" may be a good starting
3.) Tim's piece, needs music
4.) A.J's piece, needs music 
5.) Brandon's piece, needs music
6.) SIGGraph and SIGMusic collaborative piece: "Turing
and the T-Rex" (tentative title). I was thinking that
we could create a video of Mesazoic Park first, and
then hand it over to SIGMusic, who could create motifs
for the different dinosaurs and record music for it,
manully changing tunes as a new dinosaur enters the
scene. We can then combine the animation and music
into one file.
7.) Compilation piece. This can feature shorter
segments of animation and still shots that wouldn't
normally be a separate piece. Music needed.

Illinois Jones filming:
I'd like to do another shoot the Monday after we get
back from Spring Break. We'll film some of the opening
scenes of Illinois scouting Siebel, and running. I'd
like to meet at 6:00 at the ACM office. Please let me
know if you can make it. Possibly Tuesday as well, for
some DCL shots, if people can make it.
Props still needed:
Dowel rod, broom handle, or something to stand in
"Darth Maul"'s lightsabre
Small Nerf gun for Illinois to shoot the Head Ninja
If you can help out with these, please let me know.
We also need to find times to film the more complex

Posters and Flyers:
They'll probably have an Indiana Jones look and feel.
A.J. will get a start on them, and we can create some
more material when we film next.

If you have any more additions to this, or any
questions, comments, or suggestions, please let us

Thanks a lot,

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