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[SIGMusic] Fwd: [sv-l] Minutes from last meeting; Meeting Wednesday

Try and make it if you can. We want to try and put together
all the compositions and everything.

If you haven't yet started on a composition the following
things      need to be done:
- Fight Scene (Mortal Kombat ripoff?)
- Some kind of ripoff of the main theme for Indiana Jones. Al
is working on a ripoff that we'll probably use for traveling,
but we need another one for the main theme.
- Funky Kong
   So this is a rastafarian spinnoff of donky kong country.
Any half-decent ripoff will do.

Also if you have a piece, or want to write something, we need
scraps of music for a compillation piece.

I think that's all for now
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We're going to meet again on Wednesday, May 3 at 6:00.
We'll meet in the ACM office and go from there. Please
have as much material ready as you can, and we'll try
to complete as much as possible before the show. What
we're doing:

- Please direct me to any short animations or pictures
you would like to include in the compilation piece.
I'll edit them together with the music when I get it.

- Brandon and Tim are going to capture some footage
from "Mesazoic Park" for SigMusic. I'll be out of town
for the weekend, but when I get back, I'll take a look
at it and edit it into a single movie. (If someone
else wants to edit it, and can do it sooner, please
let me know.)

- Brandon and Tim will also look into printing a
poster and flyers.

- I will continue working on "Funky Kong". I have a
few introduction movies up at:


I've gotten a response from someone who expressed
interest in doing music for it a while ago, but
haven't heard from him since, so I may be looking for
music for this. In the interest of time, we may re-mix
some old Donkey Kong Country midis.

- AJ will collaborate with Alok for his monster piece.

- AJ's friend from Purdue has an animation, and is
working on it.

- SigMusic will work on music for Illinois Jones

Thanks everyone for your help; it's great getting
Sounds and Visions back! This show is going to be

-Michael Bach

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