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[SIGMusic] Sounds and Visions 2006-2007


This is Michael Bach, from SIGGraph. Last year,
SIGGraph and SIGMusic brough back a tradition called
"Sounds and Visions", which is a show that combines
short animations by SIGGraph members with musical
pieces by SIGMusic. It has also been a tradition to
create a live-action introduction which parodies
another movie.

For those of you interested, I'd like to have a
meeting this Thursday (Oct 12) at 6:00). We'll meet at
the ACM office, and go to another lab from there (if
the lab in 220 is open, we'll go there.) We'll start
out by watching a few of the past projects, and
possibly get started with some introduction movie
ideas. Some previous Sounds and Visions pieces can be
found on the SIGGraph website:


Thank you,
Michael Bach

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