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[SIGMusic] Fwd: [Top4] RSO Registration

Hey SigMusic-l!

I emailed top4 about becoming an RSO and this was their response.  I
won't be able to come to the meeting this week because I will be on a
plane to Seattle at the time, so I figured that I should send this
email to the list so someone other than me has it.

If you want me to be the treasurer for the group, I can do that.

Solenoids:  I went to American Science and Surplus this weekend on
Saturdy, and found it closed (even though the website says it should
be open).  I considered breaking in and taking some solenoids, but
eventually decided against it.  I guess we'll have to order them
online after all.


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From: John Dimond <jimmyjazz23@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Oct 31, 2006 6:31 PM
Subject: Re: [Top4] RSO Registration
To: Sameer Sundresh <sundresh@xxxxxxxx>

Thanks for the information.


On 10/31/06, Sameer Sundresh <sundresh@xxxxxxxx> wrote:
John Dimond wrote:
> I'm writing this email on behalf of SigMusic.  We would like to know
> how to register our Sig as an RSO in order to receive SORF funding.
> Do you know how to do this, or can you point me to someone who does?

Just go to http://www.iurso.uiuc.edu and have whoever you want to be
your president log in as a president, then create the RSO (say, call it
"SIGMusic," or even better leave off the "SIG" part and just call it
"Music & Computers Group") and assign a treasurer.  The treasurer should
have/will need to go to a treasurer training workshop, and the president
will need to go to a new RSO workshop.  Signup sheets for these are in
the RSO complex in the Union (go up the southwest stairs to the 2nd
floor).  You'll also need to turn in a signed nondiscrimination form
(printed from the website) to the RSO office (same location).