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[SIGMusic] Sounds and Visions meeting tonight

Hello again,

We got a better outline of the script in the last
meeting, and we'll continue hashing it out tonight, at
6:30 in 1112. We'll also go over any project updates
(Initial pictures of the "skull" I plan to use are up;
I'll show them at the meeting.) We're also planning on
having a movie night for "Pirates of the Caribbean",
Sat. Dec. 2.

So that I'm not spamming the lists too much, I'll soon
just be sending out mail to sv-l@xxxxxxxxxxxxx If you
wish to sign up for the Sounds and Visions mailing
list, you can do so at:


"Software Pirates of the Boneyard: Curse of the Hacked
Perl" Script outline:
Will and Elizabeth are lab partners. Will gets hold of
a CD with a graphics program he wants to use to finish
an MP, and Elizabeth borrows it. 

A group of cursed hackers come and kidnap Elizabeth
and steal the CD, because the code contained in it is
cursed. Anyone who runs the program loses the ability
to finish any programming task. Each CD, though,
contains the virus and a piece of the anti-virus code,
so they need every CD to run the patch and break the

Will seeks out the help of self-proclaimed hacker
Jack, (an ex-SIGMIL member), and they set off in
search of the CD-I mean girl. According to Jack,
they're in a place "you can only get to if you know
where the back door is." 

They find the hackers, who are holding Elizabeth
hostage till she tells them the password, (she doesn't
know since Will never told her), and Jack and the head
hacker engage in battle. We see them furiously typing
away at their keyboards, interlaced with footage from
the last Mechmainia program. Since the head hacker is
cursed, and can't finish the code anyway, he gives up
and says: "Enough of this, I'm getting a sword." A
furious sword battle ensues. 

Meanwhile, Will rescues the CD. And Elizabeth. Will
gives them the password and they break the curse. Our
heroes drive off into the sunset. (Or an alternate
ending, if we can think of one.)

Let me know if I've forgotten anything, and if you
have any more ideas.


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