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[SIGMusic] sounds and visions

Just to give everyone an update, Sounds and Visions is progressing. We are hoping to have a script by the end of the break, and start filming shortly thereafter. We do however need music. That's where we come in :). As you should all know, the theme for the year is Pirates of the Carribean. We are planning on basically following the plot, though as usuall we are putting our own spin on things. The movie will be titled the Curse of the Hacked Perl, and the basic story is that our pirates are software pirates (SigMil), and they have a virus that causes them to be unable to finish any code they write, and so changes will be made around that. 

I would like everyone to try and write a small piece over break. It doesn't have to be for any particular instrumentation and/or style, though if you colud try and have it work within our pirates theme, that'd be best. If not, we'll just try and use it for one of the other pieces. 

Any questions and/or comments can be sent to me, or to the s&v list sv-l@xxxxxxxxxxxxx

In order to get us in the mood, we are showing the origional Pirates of the Carribean movie, tomorrow, 6pm, 2405 SC.

Also, I do plan on having a meeting next week, but we will only have one during finals week if enough people are interested.