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[SIGMusic] Fwd: hey you

haha.  man, i should probably sign up with both my emails, right? 

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From: Stephanie Bayani < tepie.bayani@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Dec 7, 2006 4:38 PM
Subject: hey you
To: sigmusic-l@xxxxxxxxxxxx

hey you.  (all)

i know there's a meeting tonite.  but i am swamped like crazy.  and next week, i have a final at 7pm.  (yes, it's been a very very bad week for me)

so, i dunno.  let me know if anything cool happens today.  and anything that i'm supopsed to do during break. 

good luck on finals & final projects. 

see you next year?  or in siebel during the next 8 days. or maybe i'll bump into some of you during break.