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[SIGMusic] COolness - make digital music machines

Hey all you Computer/Electronic Music Huggers, I just got this really cool invite.  There is a workshop that WIE is hosting on Jan 15 (that's the monday before classes) and it sounds really really interesting.  In particular, this part "You'll learn how to modify the circuitry of simple toys and electronic devices to make digital music machines! ".  
i'm totally looking for a buddy to go with me.  someone volunteer!!!!  or else i'll have to go by my lonesome.  i will be replying in a few days.  as soon as my brain heals from finals.  scroll down for the official info.  let me know and i'll tell them to save a spot for whoever.  haha. 
While WIE is hosting the program, you do not have to be a woman to attend.  Besides female students, we have also invited students in ECE 110, 205, 206 and students participating in Undergraduate Research.  Feel free to pass along the invitation and let me know if I should save a spot for you.




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If it's alright, I have some questions.  So this workshop is in association with WIE?  do you have to be a a woman in engineering in order to attend?  I am a woman in ece, but I'm also a member of ACM's SigMusic (sort of, I attend meetings, but have so far neglected to pay the membership) and the phrase "create musical instrument" is right up our alley.  i'm not sure how much the other members actually know about circuitry being men in CS but they may find it interesting.  I'd love to attend the workshop and extend an invitation to them as well.  In fact bringing someone I know along would probably help encourage me to come back to U of I in time for the workshop. 

Thank you,

On 12/14/06, Kris Tina Pulling < kpulling@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Every wonder what happens when you mix engineering and art?  You get circuit bending!  Come and enjoy a workshop on Monday, January 15 from 1-5pm with Chicago artist, musician, and circuit bender, Patrick McCarthy.  You'll learn how to modify the circuitry of simple toys and electronic devices to make digital music machines!  You'll go home with a unique musical instrument that you made by adding wires, knobs and switches to control new connections within pre-existing circuitry.  Along the way, you'll learn what circuits can really do, gain some confidence in hands-on engineering, and try your hand at being a digital artist!  All needed equipment and supplies will be provided at the workshop.

This is a great way to start off the semester.  This is your chance for a hands-on engineering project or a way to get a jump on that ECE class you're taking this semester or simply have a great time.  Anyone can enjoy this workshop - you need no prior knowledge of electronics!!  Come on you own or sign up with a friend, and see how cool engineers can be!

Space is limited.  Please register by January 8th with an email to wie@xxxxxxxx.  
See you Monday, January 15, 2007 in Engineering Hall, Room 300.



Kris Pulling

Women in Engineering (WIE)

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