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[SIGMusic] music suggestions

I was looking at ways to find music that I might like and stumbled
upon last.fm and pandora.  I was wondering what you guys thought of
these two services, or any other, similiar ones.

One thing I noticed was that pandora doesn't have any classical music
in its database, which is unfortunate, but atleast most of what I like
is progressive rock.  On the other hand, last.fm seems skewed by
popularity of more mainstream artists.  This, for example, causes pink
floyd and tool to be considered incredibly "progressive rock" whereas
yes, king crimson, emerson lake and palmer, etc are considered only
somewhat progressive rock in comparision.

So yea, any opinions on these two services or others like them?  Know
other goods ways of finding new music that you like (I haven't had
much luck with the borrowing random cds from libraries method, but
perhaps someone here has other methods)?

Joe Re (SigNet Chair)