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Re: [SIGMusic] Fwd: [Exec-announce] Fwd: [EOH-reps] EOH 2007! Sooner than you think!

I can go to the meeting, if you'd like.


On 1/21/07, baikadi@xxxxxxxx <baikadi@xxxxxxxx> wrote:
Can I get a voulenteer? I know you'd be missing the meeting to go.

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>Date: Sun, 21 Jan 2007 19:01:25 -0600
>From: "Jonathan Ray" <ray.jonathan.w@xxxxxxxxx>
>Subject: [Exec-announce] Fwd: [EOH-reps] EOH 2007! Sooner than you think!
>To: "Exec Announce" <exec-announce@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
>A few things for EOH 2007 project teams:
>There will be a short exhibitor's meeting followed by a safety meeting
>Thursday Jan 25 in 269 everitt at 7:30pm.   Each exhibit needs to have
>a person present who has attended a safety meeting.   Free pizza might
>be served.  Remember to sign in.
>Safety descriptions - If you're just working with software, i'll take
>care of it.  But if you have some potentially hazardous thing in your
>exhibit please send me a description of the safety issues and how you
>will make your project safe, so that I can send it to the EOH people.
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>From: Meagan Simantz <simantz2@xxxxxxxx>
>Date: Jan 18, 2007 6:28 PM
>Subject: [EOH-reps] EOH 2007! Sooner than you think!
>To: EOH reps <eoh-reps@xxxxxxxxxxx>
>Hello all!
>   Welcome back! I hope everyone is looking forward to a fun semester
>back in C-U. Believe it or not EOH is only 50 days away so get
>excited. This is a long e-mail though so bear with me.
>Because it is a new semester it is time for new meetings. This
>semester we will be meeting on Thursday nights at 7:30pm. Our first
>meeting will be next Thursday, January 25 in 269 Everitt at 7:30 pm.
>All meeting dates and times are posted on the website. As usual - a
>safety meeting will follow this meeting.
>As many have you have been asking - FUNDING is now posted. The amounts
>awarded are all in place so check them out. If you have any
>significant problems or issues please contact me.
>On a different note - there have not been many as many equipment
>requests as we have had in the past so if you you are still yet to do
>this please do it ASAP.
>ALSO - Two very important deadlines are coming up.
>Tuesday, February 6 - Judging Request Due
>Wednesday, February 7 - Safety Description Due No ExtensionsAs always
>if you have any questions please contact me at any time.
>See you next week!
> Meagan Simantz
>University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
>Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering
>Jonathan Ray
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