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[SIGMusic] Fwd: [Exec-announce] more EOH safety meetings & exhibit hours

Can someone make either of these?
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University regulations require each EOH exhibit, during all times of
operation, to have someone present who has attended a safety meeting.
A safety meeting takes 15-30min and might involve free food.   I know
a few exhibits have not yet sent anybody to a safety meeting.

Wednesday 2/21 at 10am in 212 Engineering Hall
Thursday 2/22 at 7:45pm in 165 Everitt  (after the 7:30 exhibitors' meeting)

If you anticipate a need to close down your exhibit during EOH, send
me an email at eoh@xxxxxxxxxxxx with the times that your exhibit will
be closed.   Otherwise visitors will expect it to be open
9:00am-4:00pm Friday March 9th and 9:00am-3:00pm Saturday March 10th.

Jonathan Ray

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