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[SIGMusic] Circuit stuff

Thanks for the forward, Stephanie (and thanks to Joel Jordan for jumping
in and helping us!). I couldn't find a copy of Horowitz+Hill, but I
looked through a textbook during the VMWare pizzatation, and I'm pretty
confident that our circuit design will work to at least some
approximation. We can also test it in smaller steps:

- controlling the solenoids without the PIC (but with the transistor,
the voltage regulator, the diode reversed across the solenoid...)
- programming the PIC and getting it to do -something-
- getting the PIC to control a solenoid

On a related note, if we do find that the voltage regulator gets too
hot, we can always hook it up to a 9V battery instead of the 24V power

I talked to Wit, and he said there were some sample PIC programs in
SigARCH's trac ( http://www.acm.uiuc.edu/projects/SIGArch/browser ).
They look rather long, though...

He also said that we might in fact need to use a 555 timer together with
the PIC. That should be no big deal.

Jacob Lee <jelee2@xxxxxxxx>