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[SIGMusic] circuit lalila

circuit works!  well, we decided not to drop the 24V to 5V, so no more volt regulator.  and.. we may have fried a small portion of a circuit board.   and killed a few resistors. 

i will be buying or looking up prices of : circuit boards, felt, the transisters.  do we need to buy diodes?  i have the chip number written somewhere.  or else i will look it up again in acm office.  ece office should have the resisterse.  there is more than enough wire in the acm office.  do we need leds?  it would be good for deubgging.  haha. 

i can drive again, so i can go to radio shack pretty quick.  maybe i will have someone at the store "help" me.  they couldn't possibly be worse than me when talking about a circuit.  whoa, there's one by schnucks?  i was thinking i was gonna have to go by target.  which would work out, cause there is a michael's there.