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[SIGMusic] transistors

where the hell did you guys get your transistors from.  i thought it was radio shack.  cuase.. they had nothing.  they got the diodes.  they have like 8 of the transistors we wanted.  they have a different NPN switching transistor, but it's only like up to 30V.  and we'll want something that can handle more tahn that, so we have less chance of frying it. 

i can try the radioshack in urbana, but the person called the radio shacks, and i was told tehre's only about 8 in the C-U area.  i think it includes savoy. 


oh, htey had the diodes.

apparently there's a supply room on the second floor for "student" use in everitt.  not sure which students are allowed to use it though.  (like only senior design)   i'll try & take a look tomorrow or monday.  monday would probably be better.