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[SIGMusic] ece store

i have all the transistors the store has.  (30)  (2n3904 ?  eh.  i wrote it down, but i left the paper in my car, so it is teh right one.  and i'm too lazy to look into the bag)

plus 3 of that other one for the solenoid valve. 

30 diodes. 

3 breadboards. 

i think that was all the store had in that particular breadboard.  they have some other breadboards, but let's hope we don't need more than that.  while you guys are doing construction, maybe i can just be duplicating the circuit several times over to see how much breadboard space we need for 40 of the transistor switch circuits.  ece store is only open 8-12 and 1-4 or some hours close to that. 

i totally forgot about leds.  whatever.  i guess you don't get to have pink leds.  

i didn't get resistors, cause while i remember resistors being in jacob's circuit, i dont' remember us specifically using them.  but i feel stupid now since htey were probably only $.10 each. 

i'm feelign like i might skip class today (cs418)...but i'll be doing the MP that's due for the class. 

see you guys at 5-ish.  stupid ups.  god forbid it delivers when i want them to deliver. 

i'll have lots of time tomorrow & thursday.  tomorrow is just the midterm i should have done today.  oh, and i guess catching up on my coding for cs428.