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[SIGMusic] Meeting Thursday: show-and-tell!

All right, our next meeting will be a listening session. Bring in
something that you think is cool -- for example, maybe it has a strange
electronic effect, and you're curious what they were doing. Or if it's
interesting purely from a musical perspective, that's cool, too. Or if
you just like the song :-).

Bring in a CD or post a file somewhere -- if you're an ACM member, you
can use your cluster account. If you need space, let me know and I can
set up a guest account on my home computer.

If want to cut out an excerpt from a song, Audacity
( http://audacity.sourceforge.net ) might be the easiest tool to use. It
should run on any operating system.

7:30 in the conference room, as usual.

Oh, and be sure to bring something... otherwise, we'll be listening to
lots of Nine Inch Nails :-D.

Jacob Lee <jelee2@xxxxxxxx>