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[SIGMusic] "Sounds and Visions"


"Sounds and Visions" is an annual show put on by
SIGGraph and SIGMusic combining computer animations by
SIGGraph members with music from SIGMusic members. We
also do a live-action introduction movie which is
often a parody of a famous film.

The pieces from last year's show can be found at:

I'd like to have a quick introductory meeting at
8:00PM this Thursday, (right after the SIGGraph short
film meeting.) Future meetings can be scheduled for
better times, depending on what is best for most

There is a "Sounds and Visions" mailing list, which
you can sign up for at:
. I may send a few more emails to both the SIGGraph
and SIGMusic lists, just for introductory information,
but after that all emails will go to just the sv-l

Please let me know if you have any questions or

Thank you,
Michael Bach

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