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[SIGMusic] "Sounds and Visions"


First of all, this is the last email I plan to send
out to SIGGraph and SIGMusic. All future mailings will
only go out the the sv-l list, so don't worry about
receiving unwanted email.

We will be having another S&V meeting, today
(Thursday) at 8:00 in 220 Siebel. We'll be discussing
live-action introduction ideas. AJ sent me some ideas,
which I've included below. We can talk about these,
and bring up any others we have. We'll also start
talking about individual project ideas.


AJ's ideas:
Harry Potter
Harry Plotter, originally from the Illinoisan town of
Little Matlab on 3.14 Pivot Drive, is in his first
year of magical computing at the magic school of
UIUCwarts.  He is in the Association for Computing
Magic, and they have all learned of the return of the
Dark Lord Qwertymort.  He and his friends Hermione
LaGrangeError and Run: Weasley must code magic
programs like "Aloha More Func", "Expellimouseus",
"Computefy", and "Stringardium LevI/Osa" in order to
defeat Qwertymort while trying to keep up with their
classes.   Professor Python is always causing trouble
as head of SIGlytherin and Chancellor Dumbledore can
only help so much.  They must pass a series of
challenges without the professors' knowledge.   They
must get past the three-headed security system,
Kerberos, through the trapdoor and into the devil's
hardware, a room full of cable tendrils.  They must
catch one of the flying software keys by riding a
rickety old memory stick, and then get through an
enlarged version of SIGGraph's chess game.   Finally
they confront Qwertymort in front of the Mirror of
Avaj that gives Harry the Sorceror's Code.
Sam Witclicky, a member of the UIUC ACM, is going out
to buy his first laptop, and comes to discover it is a
robot in disguise ? a Transformator ? translating,
rotating, and scaling in three dimensions!   Though
Sam is impressed that his Transformator, Debumblebug
the Automaton, can easily hover in midair in the
crucifixion pose, it soon tells him of the coming of
the evil Transformators, the Datacons, who are seeking
the perfect sphere which gives life to all graphics
creations so they can take over the universe.   It
turns out the sphere has been hidden on Earth for
years in Urbana, IL, right next to the original
ILLIAC.  It is a race for time when the other Automata
arrive on Earth in the forms of different hardware, to
get to the sphere before Petatron and the Datacons can
reach it.   The ACM meddles, though, and kidnaps
Debumblebug, imprisoning him in the basement with the
sphere and the ILLIAC, but when Sam appeals to the Top
4, they allow him to free Debumblebug.   Just then,
the ILLIAC transforms into Petatron, and the ensuing
battle leads to the roof of Siebel, with Optimal
Algorithm, the leader of the Automata, arriving just
in time to fend off Petatron.   Sam and his love
interest manage to save humanity and minimize damage
to Siebel by inserting the sphere into Petatron's disk
drive and corrupting his operating system.
In a world where mutant programmers exist, the
Ctrl-X-Men protect the world from their base in the
UIUC ACM office.   Long ago, back during the second
World War, a programmer learned that normal humans
would never understand his technical jargon and grew
to hate them.  His name was Pythoneto, and his mutant
power was to manipulate anything programmed in a
high-level language.   His long-time friend Charles
Hex-avier disagrees and believes all humans can learn
to understand programmers.  A fight begins between the
Ctrl-X-Men and Pythoneto's Programming Brotherhood,
when a mutant programmer half-robot named Firefoxerine
enters the scene looking for the key to his past.   He
tries to save the mutant programmer Rogue-virus from
being used in Pythoneto's scheme, and only barely
saves her before Pythoneto would have turned everyone
at the University of Illinois into programmers with
his mutation machine.

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