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[SIGMusic] meeting schedule

Tonight I'm recommending that everyone go see SIGGraph's Electronic
Theater showcase in the NCSA building. It only goes to a handful of
places each year, so it's pretty cool that we're hosting it here. Go
watch all the cartoons[*] and keep an ear out for the soundtracks --
it might give you some ideas if you want to score an animation for

I do want to reschedule this meeting, especially since next Thursday
is the new music concert (including a demo of the scary Sal-Mar
construction, which I don't entirely know what it is, but it
apparently takes a week to set up, and it sounds like the kind of
thing you should see once.) So I'll send a followup asking what times
work for people once I'm done being destroyed by CS426 (which would
also be the reason this email is somewhat late).

Jacob Lee <jelee2@xxxxxxxx>