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[SIGMusic] Source code!

Believe it or not, two people asked during EOH if the source code for
our project was available. So I've bundled it up into more-or-less
releasable form and posted it on our web page,
http://www.acm.uiuc.edu/sigmusic/ (which now actually has some minimal

We got some good reactions from the project. There were occasional
grimaces and looks of incredulity, and this one high schooler who came
back twice to proclaim that he still didn't like the music, but there
were also many people who seemed to enjoy the music -- plus one person
who had played In C before, a few who remembered when John Cage came
to uiuc to do some giant harpsichord performance thing at assembly
hall, and so forth. It was a good time. Also, for whoever organizes
EOH next year, pick a judging category besides "Just For Fun" :-p --
I've been told that that is the busiest category.

Jacob Lee