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[SIGMusic] Tonight's Meeting

Tonight we are meeting in 1104 Siebel Center, after which we will find
another room to go to.  We will show off some of the stuff a few of
our new members have done so far, so if you have a partially done (or
completely done but improvable) project related at all to music,
please feel free to bring it and show it off.  We will brainstorm
things to do with various projects so far as well as new projects.

Hope to see you all there!

By  the way, there were some names I could not read, so if you know
someone interested who did not get this, let me know.
Also, if you cannot make Wednesday at 6, email me to let me know.

No trees were harmed in the production of this message; however, many
electrons were horribly inconvenienced.