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[SIGMusic] Last Night's Meeting and Next Week's Meeting

Hello....Sorry for the late reminder email about last night.

Last night we had a good meeting, talking about some abstract-like
ideas for what to do for the semester.

Firstly, it seems that most people cannot make Wednesday at 6pm, so
I'm thinking of moving our meetings to Tuesdays at 6.  Does this work
for more people?  Please email me and let me know if it does/doesn't
work for you.

We will certainly be building a new
multi-touch-symbol-recognizing-instrument similar to the ReactTable
(google/youtube it if you don't know what it is).  If you don't know,
we have a proof of concept built by our Treasurer, RJ Marsan that
anyone who was there will attest to being just about the coolest thing

We also want to build an EtherPhone--the first electronic instrument.
It consists of two antenas, and you move your hand between them to
create tones.

SigDave wants to team up with us to build an LED-lighted disco dance
floor.  We want to control it using serial controllers so it can
produce visualizations of music.

Perhaps we will create a MIDI interface to multi-touch input devices
for audio software like Ableton Live, Traktor, VirtualDJ, and Pro

Lots of other little projects are floating around in idealand, but are
not really concrete yet.

Please let me know what times do/don't work for you, as well as any
project ideas or abstract interests you may have, and I'll make sure
to bring it up at the next meeting, whenever we decide that is.

No trees were harmed in the production of this message; however, many
electrons were horribly inconvenienced.