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[SIGMusic] software

Ok, now that christmas is over (or mostly over at least), I'm finally
sitting down to start coding.
If anyone doesn't know, the code for a small test app is here:
lemme know if you want to be an admin, I'll add you. by default though
it *should* let everyone commit. I think.
anyway, there's three basic parts we need to work on: Audio
(Supercollider), GUI (Processing), and Gestures (Java)

I, for one, will try to get started on the supercollider stuff,
getting some basic stuff down, however I'm pretty sure we already have
people that know more about supercollider than I do.
It'd probably be real helpful to know what everyone's interested in
working on, so lets talk here.

and as always, I hope everyone's religious holiday of choice went well.