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[SIGMusic] A new semester

Hello everyone! Hope everyone's break went well.
This semester should be a good one.  We got the parts in for the table, opened it up, started building the table, and are set to make progress.  However, we need more people to help.  I hate asking people 'to help me' because it sounds like they're just doing a favor.  I guess I should ask for people to join the effort, although that sounds quite cliché.  Just to remind everyone:  This project will have everyone's name on it who actually helps.  Its not 'RJ's touchscreen'.
That being said, its a new semester, so we should discuss meeting times.  Tuesday is the only day that's out for me, all other days between 5-8 work.  If you could never make it to the old meeting time: Nows the time to talk.

I look forward to really getting some awesome stuff done this semester, not just the touchscreen.