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[SIGMusic] Lab Cleanup


I'm not sure if you heard about the incident today, but one of the doors was left open to the back lab and a professor walking by spotted it, reported it, and Rick Henderson is now on our ass. We're in real danger of losing the room due to power tool use, which is not allowed and we have already claimed to the department has been stopped. He said people could smell the sawdust in the hallway, etc. -- not good.

So here's what we do: you're in charge of getting the lab cleaned up tonight. The sawdust needs to go, and the paint chips on the floor. That's what Rick was mostly concerned about, (and power tools need to be invisible.)

Feel free to recruit others to help you, and I'm sorry that you're sort of getting "blamed" for working on a kickass project in there and happening to get caught, but we need to minimize damage and try to make sure the room is not in jeopardy. Thanks for your cooperation, let top4 know how it's going.


P.S. here's rick's email about it:

The carpentry work that has been going on within the ACM room 1106 in preparation for EOH is unacceptable.


• There is no dust collection/fume system for sanding or painting. = code violation.

• There wasn’t to be any painting. Floor tile are about $40each, plus glue, plus labor, plus 40% F&S overhead charge.

Please vacuum the dust up, clean off the paint (from the floor and furniture), and not repeat this problem.

I’ll be checking on it tomorrow morning.

Rick Henderson