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[SIGMusic] Last meeting before EOH (today 7pm)

This is the meeting to come to.  Lots to talk about, and to work on.  7pm acm back room.

The official list (as of right now):
   -   Mount cameras (plexiglass has been bought)
   -   Calibrate lasers  (get basic tracker running)
   -   Discuss poster / 'selling point'
   -   Miscellaneous problems that need to be fixed.
   -   Status of everyone's programs.  (if you can't make it, and wrote a program, PLEASE email the list so we know its progress and can mention it)

We're almost at the end here, just gotta hold everything together for a few more days.  We're all losing sleep and skimping on homework for this project, so don't feel too bad.

see you then,
--RJ Marsan