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[SIGMusic] Particle game

I've uploaded another revision to the particle game on the SVN.
I'm not going to have time to figure out the SuperCollider stuff
by EOH, but I built the framework for sound in the game, so if
someone else can implement the SuperCollider stuff, it should
work.  What you'd need to do is:

Inside the tacchi.particlegame.SoundLoop class, implement load(),
play(), and setVolume() so they work with SuperCollider.  You
could also implement stop(), but that doesn't get called by
anything yet.

load() will get called for each of the four loops near the
beginning of Game.setup(), then play() will get called on all
four.  setVolume() will get called each draw step.  The volumes
of the first two loops will be based on the fill levels of the
white and red collectors.  The volumes of the third and fourth
loops should stay 0.

All the files, including the (very large) sound loops should be
in the ParticleGame branch of the SVN.