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[SIGMusic] Congratulations everyone!

In case any of you weren't aware, Tacchi took the award for best
undergraduate research, and the Lockheed Martin Computer Science
award! I'm extremely proud of everyone who helped, you know who you
are.  I sincerely thank and appreciate everyone stepping up at the end
and putting aside so much to get everything done.
For this reason, there will be no meeting this week.  We all need some
time to get our normal lives back on track.  There's much talk of what
to do now that we're all done, and I'll send out several emails asking
for pictures, website stuff, etc, but that's all unimportant for now.

If anyone wants to talk about a celebration over break or something,
I'd be up for something.

Once again, everyone who participated should be extremely proud of
yourselves, we took two of the highest awards and certainly have a
bright future.  Everyone take a break.