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[SIGMusic] SLS talk [free pizza] & this week's meeting

RJ and I are giving a Student Lecture Series talk about Tacchi on
Wednesday at 6:30pm in 2405 SC.  We're meeting tonight around 9:30pm
in the ACM office to nail down what we're lecturing about; if anyone
would like to contribute, please let me know.

Obviously this talk overlaps our typical weekly meetings, so we're
going to have the meeting start with the talk.  There will be free
pizza/drinks for those who attend, so you should come!

Here's the abstract for what we want to talk about:

The user interface has historically been the bottleneck of musical
performance. The SIGMusic TacchiTable revolutionizes the common notion
of a 'musical instrument' by migrating music from a primarily
individual process to a more collaborative process. There will be a
technical rundown of the system including an interactive demo.

Hope to see you there!

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