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Re: [SIGMusic] SIGMusic Tonight (we're actually doing stuff, you should come)

I've got an exam tonight. :(

On Wed, 01 Dec 2010 16:56:44 -0600, Alex Paul <ajpaul2@xxxxxxxx> wrote:

Meeting tonight, 7pm, ACM lab.  Last night Misha and I started
overhauling (read: finishing) the audio connections for Tacchi.  I'm
continuing now, up until and through the meeting, so feel free to drop
by early if you like.  Also, the subwoofer project is really taking
shape, and it's really really cool!  If you haven't heard, ACM gave us
$1000 to buy various parts--leveling casters for Tacchi and Pumba (the
robot arm), LEDs for the subwoofer, peripherals to permanently mount
to Tacchi, another webcam/IR filter, etc.  Also tonight we're going to
start nailing down the structure for our DJ application.

If you haven't been involved in SIGMusic at all this year, that's ok!
We are now at the point that we need lots of ideas.  Even if you don't
consider yourself 'musical', you're exactly the audience Tacchi is
built for.

See you tonight,