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[SIGMusic] Light-thing project update

Hi guys,

So a bunch of you are probably wondering about what the hell happened
to the light project we seemed so excited about three weeks ago. We've
got some pretty good news.

After about two hours or so of impromptu work on Saturday night, we
got to this, in which we control three LEDs independently by applying
3 different filters on top of our source (the microphone)

This after using a single MegaBrite, and not knowing how the thing works :)

After some deliberation, we think we're going to invest in less cable
clutter and get a couple of these:
(which use RJ-45)
and a few of these:
(also RJ-45)

Arduino also announced new units today, including one with an
integrated WiFi module. This could be *very* cool for modular units:

Anyway, we can talk about progress at the meeting tonight - see you guys there!