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[SIGMusic] Meeting notes

So I'm doing a new thing. Meeting notes!
We chatted more about the music app.  We talked a lot more about music generation, and a 'community' song, and slowly realized the difficulties of a purely additive music app (meaning everyone's contribution is to add another sound to the song, seems like it'd get loud).  We started moving in the direction of both adding and removing sounds.   To deal with the problem of clashing musical styles (twang guitar and a techno bass?), and to eliminate complexity, we're opting to go for a total '8-bit' sound (think NES and SEGA).  We constructed a simple grid to simulate an entire song (drums, bass, two high synths), and thought we'd see where we go from there.   I think we're going to go with openframeworks in the future, because being cross platform is good.   Anyway, this week I was thinking of making the chiptune music app in openframeworks.  It's my first time working with it, and I'm inviting anyone who'd like to join.

Anyway, see you all next week