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[SIGMusic] Meeting Followup

Awesome meeting guys.  Like I said I would, here's a followup:
Went over new stuff; Commodore 64, other misc bleepy things.
Went over old stuff: Turns out the bleepbox we made still was pretty cool.
Discussed ways to expand on it: Kinect and Twitter integration
Interface: Webview on Tacchi under Windows 7/8

Body movements has a mapping to music parameters

Text:  Categorize words, emotions, letters in word/#of words, tons more
User: karma, text characteristics, picking random tweets
Images: dominant color, facial detection, ffts

Work that we need to do:
twitter text, images, user
pd stuff
pd server
sigviz chroma service
kinect and service

sort-of groups we decided:
text/twitter/police radio stuff: jakem, scott, vignesh
webteam: joel, metro, rj
pd backend: rj, jackh
kinect: jakes, ed

we'll meet again. it'll be cool.
Just a fair warning, we don't have a LOT of time to work on this, as EOH is in early march.  twitter people: Pick a language and if you don't know it, maybe poke around for a while.  Webteam: discuss implementation.  PD backend: whatever.

until then

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