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[SIGMusic] Meeting notes

Things are coming along pretty awesome, seriously.

Twitter: Live streams and (basic) parsing are working, now it's a matter of refining
Instrument: Melody generation on it's way.  I just finished the Pd patch and API (and uploaded to git), so now we have complete control over all parameters and 64 beats.  still some stuff to work out though.
Website:  Joel has some stuff working.  when the instrument gets a socket.io api, we'll get even farther

Stuff we haven't looked at yet:
Streaming:  looks like it's pretty easy to go from puredata->icecast->anywhere, so let's see if we can set that up.
Lights: Techincally sigviz but we'll have to start on this eventually

But yeah, next week we'll just do the same work/meet thing.  If anyone wants to meet up during the week, Jake (mcginty) and I are almost always in the ACM office.

(pd to icecast link)