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[SIGMusic] status update

good meeting, great progress.
both jakes didn't make it this time.  there was much crying.

alex suggested we meet sometime before next Wednesday. good idea.
what time can people make it? I'm around this weekend.  We could
always work+get dinner, or just meet again another weekday.

twitter: Jake do something. scott has been doing a lot.
web interface: crazy how quick joel can do things.  we need to design
a fancy shmancy ui, and do some canvas work (maybe?) with the
melody generator: I have no idea, things sounded good from alex.
as for streaming, turns out it was working all along, just none of the
sound outputs on my device were working because JACK was hogging them
that leaves pretty much everything working on the pd end, just got to
make sure I have access to a machine with jack,icecast and good
bandwidth (i'll need to bug ACM admins).

so, people who aren't working on anything quite yet, there's still
plenty of room to do new stuff here. if you have any ideas on how to
extend this, etc. don't hesitate to bring it up.

ok, hopefully we'll meet again < 7days from now