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[SIGMusic] Update from the TwitterSentiment side

There's a stream over about 60 seconds of live tweets with sentiment scores for the #ThingsPeopleHaveToStopDoing hashtag.

We're successfully streaming tweets and weighing their sentiment based off of the AFINN bag-of-words model. We're going to be improving that dictionary and adding more sentiment weights over the next couple days.

Current version at https://github.com/acm-uiuc/twitter-sentiment, let me know if you're having trouble running it. Will be updating the README so hopefully it's very straightforward if you're running Linux or Mac. Windows *should* work as well, potentially needs some file path tweaks as the normal '/' separator may still be hardcoded in a couple locations. Bug report if you find anything, please.

To everybody who asked me what their role should be: I will get back to you soon with some dole-outs for tasks. I'm a really shit project manager, so sorry for the wait.

Jake McGinty