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Re: [SIGMusic] Twitter stream in node.js

Stick this before the switch statement to trim whitespace:

a = a.replace(/^\s+|\s+$/g, '');

My console passed in a different line ending than node was expecting, so every line ended in a newline and the program ignored everything I sent it.


On Thu, 12 Apr 2012 11:07:20 -0500, Scott Walters <srwalte2@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Attached is a sample twitter streamer written in node.js.

"start" prompts for a search term and returns tweets with that term
"stop" stops the application

Currently, there is no way to stop the stream once it's started (still
looking for a way to do that). Next step is to do the actual tweet analysis.

Any suggestions for what's already there?

(P.S. You will need to install
nTwitter<https://github.com/AvianFlu/ntwitter>using "npm install
ntwitter" to get this running)