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Re: [SIGMusic] Meeting Notes

Chroma 3 idea:  make LED hats that we all wear all the time and have kinects around siebel that follow these hat pixels around and rearrange our "moving screen" to animate our hat television in a coherent way. Bam.

On Sep 20, 2012 4:07 PM, "Alex Hendrix" <amhendr2@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Hey everyone,

Last night we discussed a whole bunch of new projects, so to better organize it, I made a Google doc.


I also made a survey to better organize groups who are interested in the same thing.


So, hopefully you guys add ideas to the doc, and take the survey! We'll go over these things next week.

Also, we're planning to hold some tutorials during the next couple meetings about creating audio on mobile devices and websites. Next week will be a tutorial on Puredata (the language RJ used to create the synthesizer behind Tweet Beat), and maybe start the tutorial on web audio (we're going to be using Audiolet, a _javascript_ library, for that).

Here's a Puredata tutorial:

Here's a _javascript_ tutorial:

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