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[SIGMusic] Upcoming Meetings

Hey everyone,

Open house was great! Thanks to everyone who showed interest. Some announcements for upcoming stuff...

Our next development meeting is going to be at 1pm until whenever on Sunday. We made some progress on getting that Kinect application going, so let's keep it up!

Also, we're going to continue having meetings at 8pm on Wednesdays (of course).

Again, if you have any awesome ideas, now is the time to bring them up so we can make it happen. It's going to take a while to get the materials... and with EOH being 6 weeks from tomorrow, time is running out. 

To get the new members started: We use Puredata a lot for audio. we're also using Processing a lot this year with openNI (for interfacing with the Kinect), and the Processing port for box2d (for physics). Here's some links to help get you started.

Pure Data


Getting started with Processing and openNI:

It's going to be an awesome next 6 weeks and beyond. Let's see what we can do. :)